a bright environment that inspires students and teachers.

The junior block at Mahora School in Hastings was built in 1903. Although it has undergone a few facelifts, it is the latest renovation that has seen it transform into a modern 21st century learning environment.

Mahora Primary School has created a colourful and welcoming environment for its learners.

For Deputy Principal Tamla Smith and her team, the change has strengthened their opportunities to provide future-focussed learning. “We wanted to brighten up the environment, incorporate more working space, bring teachers out of their offices to encourage collaboration and create breakout areas,” says Tamla.

The furniture supports student choice in where they want to learn.

Flexible furniture was high on Tamla’s list of priorities. She notes that ordering complete sets of classroom furniture was initially quite overwhelming for the staff, however with some research, site visits and presentations from Furnware “the teachers found that they got exactly what they envisioned and have been extremely happy in their new environments”.

"Furnware know what they are doing and cater for our individual needs".

Tamla Smith - Principal, Mahora Primary School.

Furniture helps to support the activity the student is engaged in.

The fresh look has been well received by teachers, children and parents. With better storage systems and furniture that can be moved easily, there is much more fluidity to the spaces. Teachers and children can choose the working space for the type of activity they are engaged in – whether it be by themselves, with a learning buddy, a small group or directly with the teacher.


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