smart furniture solution for a growing student body.

Rapid growth in student numbers at Monash College presented challenges at its City and Clayton campuses. New learning spaces were needed that looked great, were safe, practical and fitted the existing footprint.

The City campus urgently needed more lab space to cater for the surge in student numbers. Project Manager Emma Schmutzer worked with Foundation Year Director Anne Bright and Furnware to furnish new science labs. 

Two existing rooms were chosen for conversion into physics labs and the college worked with Furnware to develop a smart-looking furnishing solution. 

Pops of bright colour are great with the grey Bodyfurn® Sled Chairs.

“We wanted it to be safe and practical, but also visually appealing and modern," said Anne.  “We also wanted the items to be used for other learning spaces should further changes be sought in the future.”

At the Clayton campus the team again worked with Emma to create a lecture-style space without fixed chairs. The choice of the Bodyfurn® Sled chair with the tablet arm was perfect in terms of flexibility and the option to quickly increase the number of student spaces as needs required.

The Bodyfurn® Sled chair has a smaller footprint than the old furniture and, most importantly, is more comfortable than the previous padded chairs – a major factor when students often sit for two-hour lectures.

The result is a series of vibrant, fresh, flexible spaces that have thrilled students and teaching staff alike. Emma herself is delighted, saying the new spaces are comfortable and functional, with students appearing more attentive during lectures.

“The lecture theatre was old and tired, the new space needed colour and vibrancy.”

Emma Schmutzer, Project Manager