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Providing the best opportunities for success.

Macgregor Primary School’s approach to renovation and refurbishment went far beyond construction and new furniture. It was about bringing the school’s vision for student success to life.

Furniture in the junior's area supports the school's pedagogy and vision to encourage collaboration.

“It could not have been better timing”  says Lana Read, who took up the reins as Macgregor’s Principal just as the rapidly expanding school was about to embark on a major construction project. Coming on board at the design phase allowed her to align the school’s pedagogy with its vision and strategy for the future – to encourage student group collaboration.  This would require not only an environment to support this, but the teachers to adapt to a new team-teaching model.

A Paparoa Table provides face to face learning time and is loved by teachers and students.

The leadership team carried out extensive research online and attended conferences to explore the collaborative possibilities offered by furniture in more flexible learning environments. A tour of Melbourne schools to see how children and teachers navigated their space and learning was particularly exciting. Different spaces set up for different purposes, being used creatively by children who were engaged in their learning, was all the affirmation Ms Read needed. “We were hooked and had the place furnished in our minds before we even got off the plane.”

“as teachers we are not just there to facilitate, but we have been enabled as activators in the classroom.”

Lana Read – Principal

Bodyfurn Sled Chairs are comfortable and easy for students to move around.

When it came to choosing furniture, Furnware were the preferred choice due to the product design and range on offer. The consultation process was invaluable - Ms Read and her team were challenged to think more deeply about what they wanted in their learning spaces and their envisaged purpose. “We found this a critical part of the process”, notes Lana, as it provided the opportunity for the team to discuss the school’s vision with Furnware and to take findings back to executive and teaching staff for input, ensuring everyone was on the same page.

The Teachers Hub allows teachers to be mobile in the classroom and is a popular alternative to a desk.

With the physical change to the space, came a change in mindset from “my” teaching space, to “our” teaching space. “We are responding to the children – their needs and what works best”, says Ms Read and with the strategy now in place teachers and students are working together to ensure this generation have the best opportunity future success.


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