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How to design modern learning spaces that inspire creativity.

Thomas Hassall Anglican College has undergone quite a transformation. With the building of a new library and existing classroom being refurbished, the school had the opportunity to push boundaries and think outside the square with their designs.

Soft and hard furniture provides students with plenty of choice to learn where they're most comfortable.

Phase one of Thomas Hassall Anglican College’s move to more modern and flexible learning environments began with the building of a brand-new fun and functional library facility with spaces that inspire those that learn and teach in them.  

Akiako splats add colour and comfort and are easy for students to move.

With the library downstairs and open classrooms with breakout spaces upstairs, the new building is light, open and fun. Akiako Splats, Pod sets, Reading Chairs and Base Ottomans dominate throughout. They’re bright and colourful, but also serve a purpose by being flexible to move around as the activity demands.

“it’s great to see a beautiful space offering options and being used enthusiastically by a range of students.”

Roger Young – Head of Senior School at Thomas Hassall

The Freeville system is popular as it can be configured in many ways to suit different activities.

Desks and chairs in this new space aren’t your traditional single cell workspaces, they’re flexible too. Freeville table systems can be moved easily and configured to suit students who want to work in small or large groups. Writable whiteboard surfaces are the star of the space - for collaborative learning and equally when students need to be working one on one with the teacher.

A well thought out colour palette and furniture that provides students with choice.

When it came the refurbishment of the existing school building, Katherine Kendon, Deputy Head of the Junior School in conjunction with Peter Hazlewood, Year 6 Coordinator along with their teams already had a clear vision for the classrooms. Importantly, the spaces had to cater for the increasing number of specialised and innovative programmes being offered to students.

Here, students choose how and where they learn.

As a result, the new spaces have moved away from a traditional classroom feel and layout towards a much more sophisticated space. The furniture is flexible and easily manoeuvrable, so students have more choice in how and where they learn. “Boys in particular have enjoyed the seating design, allowing them to move whilst still being able to work comfortable,” says Peter.

“the space was designed to encourage a range of teaching and styles that would support collaborative learning and enquiry-based student learning”.

Roger Young, Head of Senior School at Thomas Hassall

Students and teachers are loving their new flexible learning spaces.

The Project team are delighted with the results. The colour scheme is perhaps their favourite feature of the spaces and of course their vertical garden is a standout.

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