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Perfect for any stage of school, stools are a popular seating choice in many classrooms and are ideal for science, art and food technology labs. 

The dynamic ergonomic design of Bodyfurn® is available in two styles of stool. For mobility, comfort and height adjustability the Bodyfurn® Gaslift Stool comes in a variety of options. Choose the added benefits of a padded seat and castors to enable easy movement around the classroom. See what these school leaders think about the benefits of Bodyfurn® in their learning spaces.

The versatile Bodyfurn® Lab Stool is great in science and food technology spaces and works well for students of different heights. Taller students can lean forward on the seat with their legs on the ground, while shorter students can sit with their feet squarely on the rail for support.  Pair it with a high table to provide an alternative option for a table and chair. Giving students the options to sit in a ‘watchtower’ situation at a standing height table, facilitates those learners who prefer sitting up high and stools can be easily stored under tables when students prefer to stand. See how the students of Ipswich Grammar use their Bodyfurn® Lab Stools and high Rectangular Tables in our video here.

Our Endeavour Table and high Bodyfurn® Lab Stool is another combination that’s incredibly popular with students. It’s the favourite place to learn for the Year 2 students of Prince Alfred College -  who loved talking to us about their classroom space.  

Not that all students want to be up high. Some prefer sitting round at more ‘traditional’ height tables and the Bodyfurn® Stool comes in a lower, smaller size to fit even the youngest learner.

With more stool options available to choose from, you can provide the flexible seating and furniture options required in classrooms today to encourage engagement and help facilitate learning.