How an inspiring student enhanced one of our most popular products.

Meet Emily, a year-13 student from Hong Kong's Discovery College. Emily has just added a clever feature to our Bodyfurn stool and it's amazing.

We love going around the world meeting inspiring people doing innovative things. When we heard about tech student Emily creating a clever adaption to our Bodyfurn stool  - we knew we had to meet her. Account Manager Marianne caught up with Emily in Hong Kong to find out more about this budding designer's thoughts behind the project. 

The bag storage prototype is not only functional, but also fits in with the original Bodyfurn design.

Marianne: Emily, what inspired you to make that design?

Emily: In tech class, we have to think of a solution for a problem at school. In our tech class we use the high Bodyfurn stools. So, when it comes to doing labs and practicals it’s quite hard to put our bags out of the way and in a safe position - they tend to take up a lot of space especially if there’s a lot of students. So I was thinking of creating a solution for this problem and more specifically a little gadget within the stool that would allow for a compact place for the bags without hindering the teacher moving around as well as the students. 

It was a pretty basic design but it’s helpful in general. I was able to get feedback from other students and it was quite a sturdy design where they could place it within the chair easily and take it out easily.

Emily - Year 13 student, Discovery Bay College

Bags are stowed off the floor and out of the way avoiding trip hazards.

Marianne: Aesthetically it looks really good.

Emily: Thank you!  It was mainly because I used the original design.

Marianne: Even with the ergonomics in the seat it hasn’t altered any of the movement in the stool itself…

Emily: It’s not that difficult but the thing is when I was creating the prototype, the beams by the side actually came out so when the student was using it, it was actually a bit intrusive because when you put your foot on the front beam it could snap. So, if I was to re-design it, I would curve it to make sure that this didn’t happen. But other than that, it works and when you pick up the chair, it doesn’t move around.

The wooden platform also doubles as a foot rest.

Marianne: It doesn’t add any more weight?

Emily: No, it’s not a very heavy piece of furniture.

Marianne: What did you make it out of?

Emily: It’s made of wood. The wood itself is pretty durable, but when it comes to the rods by the side, they're not as durable. As it’s a prototype it’s okay.

Emily's clever design feature.

Marianne: Have you got ambitions to be a designer?

Emily: I’m interested in it, I actually had an internship with a design company in Hong Kong, but I’m more interested in politics right now so we’ll see what I take at Uni.

Marianne: And the other peers in your class, they think it’s pretty cool too?

Emily: Oh yeah.

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