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Newly designed classrooms support collaboration and creativity.

Australian International School's Year 1 and 2 teachers embraced a co-teaching model, but small classrooms restricted their pedagogical methods. When Former Head of Elementary Neil Smith was given the green light to refurbish these outdated spaces, he already had an exciting vision in mind.

Neil Smith loves the opportunities the flexible furniture affords.

With an architect fully embedded in the school's guiding principles, Neil worked closely with the teachers and students to  ensure everyone’s ideas and feedback were included in the final design. The result: flexible, open classrooms that encourage active learning - where students can explore, create and collaborate.

Former Head of Elementary Neil Smith takes us on a guided tour of his newly designed active learning spaces.

"what we’ve managed to achieve in re-energising all of our spaces has been an amazing opportunity, an amazing achievement, and is the benchmark for our future."

Neil Smith - Former Head of Elementary at Australian International School.

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