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Collaboration key to creating dynamic learning space.

Endeavour Primary School has collaboration at the heart of their teaching philosophy. It’s also what drew the school to Furnware as a partner in the development of their exciting new place of learning.

Endeavour Deputy Principal, Leo Spaans, believes Furnware played a key role in helping the spaces work so well.

“Furnware was willing to listen, engage, discuss and have critical conversations with us about how we could achieve our goals.” He said Furnware worked alongside the school team to create learning spaces and furniture that worked with its specific needs.

Several learner types are accommodated in this space - independent through to group learning.

Endeavour has four learning communities, each one featuring central tiered seats, a stage, open learning areas and a wet/tech area. The school’s been cleverly designed with no front of classroom, facilitating instructional, collaborative and independent learning in equal amounts. This idea is summed up by another central pillar of the school’s philosophy, ‘learning without limits’.

Collaboration is a significant feature of Endeavour’s teaching philosophy and the furniture had to bring that to life. Principal, Marcus Freke describes it as the furniture having to cater to multiple learning and teaching styles, encouraging children to work together. He and his team wanted the learning spaces to be easily reconfigured to define certain learning environments within the larger space. 

Endeavour is an impressive example of collaborative planning and learning.

I never got a sense that it was just about selling furniture. It was always about creating an amazing modern learning environment which will service the needs of all learners in our school; now and in the future.

Marcus Freke - Principal, Endeavour Primary School


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