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Innovative learning spaces champion a new style of teaching.

As Queenstown started to burst at the seams, Shotover Primary School emerged to cope with the growing community. Staff embraced a new style of teaching in their new flexible spaces and look forward to the next phase of the build.

A new school was essential to cater for this fast- growing community. With 450 students enrolled when we visited, plans were well underway for more space and more pupils to come.

The school has two impressive learning habitats. They’re creative, multi-functional areas and quite different to traditional teaching spaces. Shotover Principal, Ben Witheford, notes the exciting challenge the habitats bring, “the style of teaching required in these spaces is not what they learned at teachers college.”

The design of the school gives teachers and students a number of choices for their day. Open spaces, food tech areas, reading nooks, breakout spaces, performance areas and green screens - all of which make Shotover a truly diverse and stimulating environment to learn and teach in.

Base Round Ottomans at these wide windowsills create a clever workstation.

There’s an efficient use of space with interesting features such as wide windowsills that become workstations. Fun is a big focus, as is versatility, comfort and colours that reflect the natural environment - perfect when your building is nestled at the base of a stunning mountain range.

Green screen walls provide a bright backdrop.

Shotover took the ‘less is more’ approach to the number of seats for each space and concentrated on mobility and flexibility of table systems. Furnware worked closely with Associate Principal, Helen Ahern, in fitting out each space with the best solutions. The whole team is delighted with the new school and the vibrant spaces they’ve created.

the style of teaching required in these spaces is not what they learned at Teachers College.

Ben Witheford - Principal


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