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10 top tips for designing learning spaces.

We’re out and about in classrooms every day, helping schools create the best learning spaces imaginable. We’ve learned a lot along the way so here are a few key insights from our team, to add value to your own planning.

Let students choose their learning space.

Canberra's Macgregor Primary School affords students a range of inviting spaces to study, share and learn. 


We know children learn in different ways - often from day-to-day. It's a big change of mindset, but letting students choose their own space, often assists their learning. 

Whiteboard tables enhance learning spaces.

Collaborative learning, group discussions and small teacher-led group activities got a real boost with the use of whiteboard tables at Hamilton's Nawton School. 

Whiteboard tables are a great addition, supporting a range of key pedagogical practices.

It's all about flexibility.

Connect Tables allow students and teachers to easily reconfigure their classroom to allow for independent learning and collaboration.

Innovative learning environments are all about openness, access and flexibility - be sure the furniture offers all the options you need.

Remember, one size doesn't fit all.

Bodyfurn furniture is designed to match a range of student heights - giving them a better shot at focused learning.

The size and shape of children differs enormously from class to class. Make sure tables and chairs are the right height for each age group.

Yes you can create innovative learning environments in single cell classrooms.

Ipswich Grammar in Queensland, brought new life and flexibility to their classrooms with bright and comfortable furniture teachers and students love using.

With careful selection of furniture design and colour, even small classrooms become more flexible and inviting.

Understand the pedagogy first then explore the furniture solutions.

The team at Auckland's Kaurilands School were clear their space needed to fit around the pedagogy rather than the other way around.

Look for input from as many relevant people as possible so everyone understands the pedagogy before starting on the solutions. 

Sometimes less is more.

St Augustine's in Sydney have made great use of their classroom environment. By using the Endeavour table with its multi-level work spaces, students can work in a variety of ways without taking up too much room.

Take care not to overcrowd the space - watch how your students work best and remove anything unnecessary. 

Great ideas come from the classroom.

Kowloon School in Hong Kong came up with a brilliant concept of a mobile teacher's pod in lieu of a desk. Now, classrooms all around the world enjoy them as part of our standard range.

It's always possible to create something a little different. If you've got a great idea but can't see it in our range, come and talk to us. If it's an inspiring teaching or learning solution, we'll find a way to bring it to life.

Stop the fidgeting by helping students focus.

St. Christophers Catholic School in Sydney love their new Bodyfurn Sled Chairs. The comfortable ergonomic design supports engagement and concentration. 

Ergonomically designed furniture does wonders to increase concentration levels for students.

Be informed - know where your furniture comes from and how it's made.

Te Wharekura School chose quality Furnware furniture for its collection of new learning pods. Built to last like the new buildings they sit in.

School furniture needs to cope with the rough and tumble of school life and stand the test of time. Always choose quality furniture that has a comprehensive warranty programme. 

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