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innovative design guided by a deep pedagogical understanding.

Adelaide’s Prince Alfred College knew it would take more than new furniture to ensure effective change in its learning spaces. Pedagogy was front of mind when it came to designing and implementing the school's new flexible learning environments.

It wasn’t just a case of new furniture and status quo, it was about challenging our own teaching methods

Sean Watt – Deputy Head of School at Preparatory Prince Alfred College

Prince Alfred College and Furnware's Edward Vermeer discuss collaboration and designing learning spaces.

Sebastian (L) and Hugo (R) love writing exercises on the whiteboard surface of one of their new tables.

It's not surprising that Prince Alfred College is a school with high expectations. Accordingly, they wanted to create learning spaces that would not only help achieve their performance goals, but challenge existing teaching methods and support the school's vision for learning and education. “Our expectation or our view of learning is that each boy is an individual, each boy brings his own passion and his own skill but it’s our job to actually get the best out of him and for him to get the best out of himself.” Neil Andary – Head of Preparatory School / Deputy Headmaster

Flexible furniture allows for creative spaces that are in tune with how students work.

Continuity of design was required throughout every year level, however the challenge came in catering to students as young as five and as old as 18. The range of heights was an obvious challenge, but so too was the requirement to provide flexibility in the learning environment to accommodate individual learner's and teacher’s needs.

Every step of the way, Furnware worked closely with Prince Alfred College to ensure the size, height, type and fuctionality of the furniture met teacher and student needs. Ultimately both parties worked towards the same goal - to improve the environment by designing spaces to support academic outcomes. 

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