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what we've learnt about learning spaces

When designing the right learning space for your school, a range of factors need to be considered – from the needs of your school and individual students to the limitations of the room and of course, the budget you are working with.

 Furnware’s Business Development Managers are experts in learning spaces and after many years of experience on the road and in your classrooms, we want to share with you what we’ve learnt along the way. After spending time with teachers, students, and parents, we discovered a range of problems that are being faced in schools and we went to help ensure you have the solution.

getting your furniture sizing right

The size and shape of children differ enormously from class to class. The wrong sized furniture can dramatically affect the comfortability and the engagement of students in the classroom. 

To give students the best shot at focused learning, we’ve developed a size guide that will assist you in having the right sized furniture for each age group. 

size chart

solutions for smaller learning spaces

Sometimes we can be limited to a smaller classroom space but with careful selection of furniture and by using colour, even a small classroom can become more flexible and inviting. 

Using bright and vibrant colours can give the classroom a warm and engaging space, the colours can be used to complement the colours around the classroom and can be used in different products. 

how to fit furniture to your teaching style

Just like students, teachers also have preferences for their teaching style. Some teachers like to teach in a traditional classroom, and some prefer a more modern environment.

We have an array of tables that can be used in both the traditional, front facing classrooms as well as a more modern, grouped learning environment. This creates a cohesive look across the school but also allows teachers to have the environment which best aligns with their teaching style. 

modern vs traditional library spaces

With libraries at the heart of many schools it’s crucial to understand how they can best support students. A modern library space centres around creating breakout spaces and uses furniture that can be easily moved based on the learning mode required. While creating a space that encourages student-led learning can be beneficial, if you are limited with your space or have other areas in the school to suit these activities, having a traditional library may be the best option for you. 

ideal solutions for STEM spaces

STEM spaces are areas in which we think having flexible furniture is necessary. When using these spaces, students are usually engaging in a range of different activities depending on the lesson. Providing students with the resources to explore STEM is becoming more and more paramount in their schooling journey.

furniture for administration spaces

Providing students with an engaging learning space is important, but it’s only part of what we do. To take the stress out of ordering furniture, we not only offer a solution for all spaces within the school but will meet with your staff to understand their needs and design a space that works for you. 

If you’re unsure what to do with your learning spaces or need some inspiration, reach out to one of our Business Development Managers. They are experts in learning spaces and can guide you through the design of your school. 

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