tote trolley range

Keep your space tidy and organised with this smart storage solution for the classroom.

Keep supplies tidied away or allocate a tray to each student for all their bits and pieces. Castors allow easy movement for the Tote Trolley to be moved to the side of the room and away from desks. Eradicate clutter and create more room to move in learning spaces by including Tote Trolleys as part of the solution. Choose from one of our many laminates and pair with a colourful tote tray. 



  • range comes in a large variety of configurations 
  • 18mm MDF structure with durable PVC edge
  • sits on twin wheel castors, for ease of moving
  • option: deep or standard trays - additional cost


low pressure laminate (LPL)

LPL is a colour board on a medium density fibreboard (MDF) substrate. LPL is suitable for classroom desks and tables, storage units, workstations and office furniture.

Colour options

Memphis Red

Southern Oak


Olympia Yellow

Affinity Maple


Memphis Green


Memphis Blue

Provence Blue


Silver Vapour

Seal Grey


Carbon Vapour



Disclaimer. Although we do our best to make sure that the colours represented on our website are accurate, actual colours may vary. Colour differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to variance in monitor calibration. To view a sample of the colour swatch please contact us.


size range

  • depth


  • width & height


  • 1bay x 5h

    374mm w x 686mm h

  • 1bay x 6h

    374mm w x 796mm h

  • 1bay x 7h

    374mm w x 906mm h

  • 1bay x 8h

    374mm w x 1016mm h

  • 2bay x 5h

    730mm w x 686mm h

  • 2bay x 6h

    730mm w x 796mm h

  • 2bay x 7h

    730mm w x 906mm h

  • 2bay x 8h

    730mm w x 1016mm h

  • 3bay x 4h

    1086mm w x 576mm h

  • 3bay x 5h

    1086mm w x 686mm h

  • 3bay x 6h

    1086mm w x 796mm h

  • 3bay x 7h

    1086mm w x 906mm h

  • 3bay x 8h

    1086mm w x 1016mm h

  • 4bay x 3h

    1442mm w x 466mm h

  • 4bay x 4h

    1442mm w x 576mm h

  • 4bay x 5h

    1442mm w x 686mm h

  • 4bay x 6h

    1442mm w x 796mm h

  • 4bay x 7h

    1442mm w x 906mm h

  • 4bay x 8h

    1442mm w x 1016mm h



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