see your vision in 3D.

If you can imagine it, we'll show you what it looks like with our exciting 3D Learning Spaces App. The Furnware 3D Learning Spaces App removes any surprises and helps you visualise all aspects of the fit out. You can see what inspiration looks like in your very own classroom.

Our App has been purpose-built to support schools in their search for optimised learning spaces. For years, a lot of the questions were asked around what spaces would look like and what it would be like to learn and work in them. The App means we can see the answers to those questions right from the start. 

We begin by creating a replica of your existing space or a three-dimensional view of a room yet to be built. We then drop 3D furniture into the room, exactly where you want it. Once you're happy, we provide a realistic 3D render, which you can use to promote the concept to your school community. 

You can experiment with different furniture combinations, trial colour options and get right down into the virtual room, seeing what your new space will look like from any angle. 

Take a look at our video or contact us and we'll bring the App to you. 

See your vision in 3D.