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inspiring young minds
the world over

young minds
the world over

We work hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so students can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable.

world-class designs inspired by continuous learning.

Our talented product designers literally go back to school to uncover the insights that lead to understanding and inspiration for our product innovation.

Our key guiding principle is to 'live in the classroom', collaborating with teachers and students - an active commitment to continuous learning.

Bodyfurn. we went back to school and changed the game.

We researched and measured over 20,000 children to create a revolutionary chair, desk and storage system that shook up the classroom. Bodyfurn allowed students to be comfortable, have better concentration and learn more effectively.

Take a look at the
science and design
behind Bodyfurn®
Principals talk about
the significant benefits
of Bodyfurn®
Teachers see
instant improvements
with students
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