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Whether you’re in an office, innovative learning environment, a more traditional classroom or managing a school library, storage is an integral part of any furniture fit-out and can often be in short supply. If you need homes for personal belongings, files, resources, bags, robotics, books, art supplies, technology or personal belongings, we have a storage solution designed to fit your individual needs.

The Align Admin range is a modular storage solution system designed for office, classroom and library use. Stylish and sturdy, there is ample room to store and display resources and working documents as well as personal belongings in the office drawers, credenza's, wall units and cupboards in this modern contemporary range. 

From kindergarten to the end of secondary school, books remain part of the curriculum and come in all shapes and sizes. We have a large selection of book cases and book storage systems for learners of every age. Like the Storytime Station, which is ideal to showcase the covers of those big, colourful books for little learners and doubles as a room divider with a writeable whiteboard surface on the back. We have a range designed just for libraries. Books can be displayed using the Library Book Tower or Library Browser Bin, to keep everything organised. 

Teachers need to be mobile and move around the classroom to provide one on one or group learning wherever it’s required. With this in mind, we came up with a variety of mobile work-surface and storage solutions that cater to all teaching and learning styles and is much more user-centred than traditional office furniture. The multi-purpose Teachers Hub provides standing and sitting work surfaces. Whiteboard tops and sides are perfect for an extra teaching and learning surface. Both products are available with lockable drawers for laptops and personal belongings, making this a teacher favourite.

We understand classrooms can be short on room, so, many of our storage solutions are multi-purpose. The Seating Tote Trolley is not only a comfortable and mobile seating option, but it provides plenty of storage underneath with up to 6-12 tote trays. The Step by Step is another great example of our space-saving storage solutions –divide, display and store plenty of bits and pieces from the classroom. It’s mobile too so can be moved to where it’s needed the most. 

We also have a great selection of shelving available on castors, so your storage can move with you around the classroom depending on the activity. You can keep spaces clear of clutter and off the floor with storage for bags, shoes, coats and personal belongings.

We haven’t forgotten the need for tech storage in 21st Century learning spaces. Our lockable Tablet Storage Unit complete with charging station will ensure valuable devices are safe and secure.

Get your classroom sorted with our great selection of storage options.