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Create an exciting learning environment where kids are encouraged to learn and collaborate with a functional and flexible classroom table solution. School furniture can be fun and functional - our tables are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and come in a fantastic selection of colours and finishes, including the popular whiteboard surface. Whiteboard tables are the ideal low-tech learning tool, promoting collaboration while affording educators and students creativity in their teaching and learning.

Our modular school tables are designed to fit into any classroom space and easily reconfigured to support sole, paired, group or any type of learning task required.  Pair an Endeavour Mobile Table and Round Table with a Whiteboard top surface and top it off with Base Bench seating to create the ultimate learning hub. A Round Table with a Freeville Table paired with the ergonomic Bodyfurn® Sled Chair can create a variety of classroom table solutions for your space. The Connect Table, when paired with a Rectangle Table, allows you to reconfigure your work spaces easily and effectively depending on the student and the task.

If you are short on space, try our multi-purpose Flip Table, which, when finished in a Whiteboard surface can also double as a mobile teaching space that can be flipped up and nested together for the ultimate space-saving school table solution. With so many school table options that can be easily paired with a broad range of school chairs and comfortable soft-seating Ottomans, there’s a perfect modular table and seating system design to suit your unique learning spaces and your individual learners.