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help us shape the future of learning.

Research and kids sit at the heart of everything we create. We investigate, we listen, then test in the classrooms. The results always surprise us and consistently lead to better outcomes.

We'd love your input to help us continue our learning. We'll be introducing research initiative surveys online and at all of our conferences. We want to know what's happening in the classrooms, what's changing, what's working and where you'd like help in some critical areas:

  • How engaged are your students?
  • What is distracting them?
  • Where are students choosing to work?
  • Are schools using libraries, if so, what for? 
  • Are shared learning spaces working? 
  • How will we be teaching in 10 years?

The rewards are there when you go searching for the answers. Our Bodyfurn® range is the direct result of literally hitting the road to create research that didn't exist. We wanted to know how the size and shape of children in New Zealand had changed over the decades. No meaningful data existed, so we went searching for it on our own. 

The correct furniture means not only comfort but also increased concentration.

We measured 20,000 students and discovered most were using desks and chairs that were incorrectly sized for them, which meant they were uncomfortable and less likely to concentrate. We kept delving to truly understand the impacts this was having on learning outcomes. They were dramatic and we set about correcting them with a unique and effective furniture system. 

In many schools over the years, significant advances have been made to the way curriculum is delivered and to the quality of learning outcomes as a result. This could mean that further improvements are iterative and more difficult to uncover. 

Kids are at the heart of our research when creating new learning space solutions.

Our research and design teams are really interested in those small challenges that could make a big difference. We're always on the lookout for research initiatives to form the basis of the next generation of learning space solutions. 

Get involved.

We'd like to know what you want to know. Where's the next breakthrough you'd like to explore? Please contact our marketing team and let's go searching for the answers. 

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