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creating comfortable, safe spaces where senior students can focus on learning

Kilbreda College in Mentone, Victoria has been providing education for senior students for 120 years. Refurbishing their school, one space at a time, they’re creating a holistic educational environment that allows students to learn and grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Kilbreda’s Assistant Principal: Learning and Teaching Jane Ward strongly believes that personal growth and collaboration happens when students are comfortable, feel at home and are welcome in their learning environment. When exploring the furniture solutions at Kilbreda College, these, along with their holistic education approach were important considerations, as they continue to reevaluate their learning spaces to fit the changing needs of their students.

“Students need the right equipment and a safe space where they can be themselves and collaborate with their peers.”

Jane Ward – Assistant Principal

Connect tables are a great way to introduce flexibility into a learning space.

The dedicated Furnware Account Manager and Learning Space Design Specialist collaborated with Jane to fully understand their pedagogy, vision and objectives. Flexible classrooms with agile furniture to create spaces for students to work individually, in pairs or in groups was at the heart of the design.
With Jane’s extensive educational experience, the Furnware Account Manager was able to produce flexible classroom design options where furniture could be easily moved around without disrupting the class. Their final decision of having a single Year 8 classroom design that’s agile and flexible has resulted in learning environments that can be transformed quickly and easily by the students and teachers using the spaces to create a range of different layouts based on the lesson requirements throughout the day. 

The 3D floorplanner app is an immersive tool, helping to bring your visions to life.

The consultation process for the Year 8 refurbishment project as well as the previous STEM and Art refurbishment projects, were extremely collaborative. Using Furnware’s 3D floorplanner app, the Furnware Account Manager and Jane were able to bounce ideas off one another for floorplan design and colour schemes that worked best for their learning spaces. Kilbreda College were elated with the ability to do trials with furniture in the classroom so they could involve students and teachers with the decision and final choices of furniture.

“I really like how Furnware listens to schools and their needs. They use their research to create solutions to the problems schools face with their learning spaces.”

Jane Ward – Assistant Principal

Furnware Lab Benches are available in sit or stand heights, ideal for STEM, tech and art labs.

Jane’s longstanding relationship with Furnware stems from the way the collaboration feels like a partnership, which she believes differentiates Furnware from the other furniture suppliers. She loves Furnware’s willingness to participate in trials, which is invaluable in making the right furniture choices for the space. The end-to-end project management and ongoing support has made Furnware Kilbreda College’s trusted supplier for many years.  

“Learning spaces have a major influence on the student mindset. When students have the right comfort and sense of belonging, they can focus on learning and the task at hand rather than being distracted by uncomfortable furniture that is not conducive for effective learning.”

Jane Ward – Assistant Principal

Kilbreda College’s students love the change from standard tables and chairs to a more fluid learning environment. They were initially unsure of the high tables, but now they’re a firm favourite, with students gravitating towards them first. The new spaces are airy and modern, allowing for different configurations across different rooms within the same classroom. In conjunction with the new carpets and fresh paint, there is a feeling of more space even though student numbers have not changed.

“Take your time, do your research, involve students and teachers and listen to their ideas and feedback in order to find solutions to their problems that fit their needs. Work together as a community to enhance the learning opportunities of students and give them a sense of belonging.”

Jane Ward – Assistant Principal

The Year 8 classrooms are now a thoughtfully designed, flexible space that adapts and changes to accommodate the needs of the students, making it a truly fit for purpose environment. 
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