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learning spaces to suit the evolving needs of students

Canadian Academy focused on flexible solutions to inspire young minds in the classroom. Canadian Academy has embarked on a journey to renovate the school one area at a time, with the most recent renovation being the Elementary School wing. Furnware have had the pleasure of supporting the renovation with their extensive learning space expertise.

Heikki Sioni, Elementary School Principal is committed to providing flexible learning spaces to Canadian Academy students to give them opportunities to learn and grow in the classroom. Canadian Academy has been teaching students for over 100 years and acknowledge the need to update spaces with the aim to provide diversity and inclusivity for their students.

“I think we’re looking for something that we call the human connectedness.”

Heikki Soini - Elementary School Principal

Round Tables with whiteboard tops are a great tool to foster creativity.

The Elementary School wing consists of classrooms and breakout hallway spaces. When designing and renovating these spaces, it was important to have consistency throughout and include flexible furniture that can foster creativity and allow for students who learn differently to have the resources they need for their individual learning experiences.

“We can address a lot of those individual needs that we’ve had even more effectively because of the spaces.”

Heikki Soini - Elementary School Principal

Soft furnishings can help to make a learning space comfortable and safe.

Recognising the needs of different students to give them a safe and welcoming learning environment is critical in the early stages of planning. Dynamic classrooms are prevalent, now more than ever, more so than traditional classrooms. Having learning areas catered to individual students enables them to choose the way they like to learn. 
Furnware Account Manager, Simone Baldwin used her years of experience to assist Heikki and the Canadian Academy team to design a space that sets students up with the resources to succeed. Simone used Furnware’s 3D app to plan out the furniture in the rooms and work with the team to create the learning space to suit Canadian Academy.

“The teachers were really taken back by the light, openness and beauty to begin with. This was really elevating their learning and teaching space to a very different level.”

Heikki Soini - Elementary School Principal

Hear about how Canadian Academy achieved their aim of promoting connectivity and fluidity in the classroom.

Canadian Academy provides students with a world class education experience so when creating these learning spaces, the types of products and colours used were paramount. The selection of Furnware products not only needed to be functional for the students, but they had to support a world class facility. 

When creating classrooms to empower students, Canadian Academy opted for a mix of soft furnishing products with their varied height tables and chairs along with substantial storage for both students and teachers. The modular Base Collection was paired with round and rectangular tables with writeable tops as well as Bodyfurn® chairs. 

“The best decision was about having whiteboard tops for all of the tables.”

Heikki Soini - Elementary School Principal

Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan

The furniture solutions chosen by Canadian Academy were purposefully selected to bring shaped elements into the design. The aim was to promote connectivity and fluidity in the classroom. Design elements such as bamboo and tatami were also used as a nod to their surroundings. 

Collaboration doesn’t just stop at the classroom. Canadian Academy was determined to create engaging breakout spaces in the hallways to give students the opportunity to come together in small groups and to provide a neutral, open space for students to have gatherings. 

“The students really thought that this was something that was designed for them.”

Heikki Soini - Elementary School Principal

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