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Students are often required to be seated at a desk or a table for a long length of time. They are expected to remain on task with minimal fidgeting and interruption during lessons but often their school furniture restricts them from doing so. Here at Furnware, we are proud to have designed an ergonomic school chair system that provides long-term comfort leading to better concentration for students in classrooms all around the world.

The Bodyfurn® Sled chair is a result of many years of research, design and testing. It moves dynamically, forwards and backwards with the user, which promotes unrestricted blood flow and better posture. As a result, the user is much more comfortable and because the chair moves with them, fidgeting is reduced significantly, meaning students are on task for longer. We can simplify it all down to comfort = concentration. Bodyfurn® comes in a range of chair sizes to fit the student and when paired with correct height desk or table, you have a truly ergonomic classroom furniture solution to complement your pedagogy. We’ve sold over half a million of them to classrooms all around the world. But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to the experts, the Principals and the Teachers who have seen the benefitsand improvements in their classrooms since introducing Bodyfurn®.

The Bodyfurn® range is also available in a Gas Lift Chair, easily adjustable for different heights, it’s popular with both teachers and students alike. The Bodyfurn® Draughting Chair has been designed with elevated work surfaces in mind, like architectural or draughting tables and comes with a foot ring to stabilize you while you sit.

We feel that comfort should extend beyond the classroom into school halls and auditoriums. The colourful Connect Chair with its moulded back and waterfall seat makes school assemblies and prize-giving’s much more enjoyable than when everyone had to sit on the old hard bench seats of schools in the past. The clever design with its foot links makes lining up chairs in rows an easy exercise and for when the presentation’s over, the handy Transporter Trolley conveniently moves the chairs after they’ve been stacked, to neatly tidy away.

One size doesn’t fit all, which is why purchasing the correct chair for your students can make the world of difference in your classroom.