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Students need a safe and secure place for all their belongings and there’s no better storage solution for gym gear, school books, lunch boxes and anything else required to survive their school day, than a school locker.

Without locker storage, students have to carry their days books, devices and lesson items in one heavy bag. Minimise student back pain and lost property with a school locker solution. Students can travel light between classes, emptying out belongings that can be left behind, to carry what they need for each lesson and storing what they don’t. Teachers don’t have to deal with unwanted clutter, unrequired books and equipment in their classrooms.

Made with a high-quality silver star powder-coated steel frame with a durable PVC edge, these school lockers are strong, built to last and can take any student knocks.

We have a broad range of lockers designed to fit into any school hallway, classroom or changing room, available in a variety of bright colour options proving storage doesn’t have to be dull. Available  two or three doors high, in two, three or four-unit bays. There’s the perfect Locker storage solution for every location in your school.

Give students the space to organize all the bits and pieces they require in their busy school day and a place to safely store their personal items, with a School Locker.