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Bodyfurn® began with a simple thought - could a well-designed ergonomic chair enhance concentration and learning in the classroom? We believed it could and through years of research, development and design, the revolutionary Bodyfurn® system was born.

Where other school chairs inhibit movement and restrict blood flow resulting in unproductive fidgeting and off-task time, Bodyfurn® promotes healthy blood flow moving dynamically with the user. It’s designed to move with the student, both forwards and backwards while supporting the body and improving posture. This results in a comfortable school chair that students barely even notice they are sitting on. Which means they are concentrating on more important things, like their learning.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why the Bodyfurn® Sled Chair can be sized correctly to the height of the student ensuring their feet are placed firmly on the floor for optimal comfort and posture. It’s designed to not only move with the student, but also be moved easily around the classroom on its sled glides. When partnered with the correctly sized desk or table, the Bodyfurn® Sled Chair really can do wonders.

The Bodyfurn® chair also comes in a Gas Lift option, easily adjustable for height and comfort and with the same ergonomic features as its close cousin. While the Draughting Chair is a popular choice amongst architects, draughtspeople and those who work on elevated work surfaces.

While the Sled Chair is ideal as a classroom task chair, the versatile design of the Bodyfurn® Lab Stool means it’s great in science and food technology areas. Its clever design enables students to lean forward on their seat pan or sit upright with their feet squarely on the rail for support. High tables are perfect for watchtower spaces when paired with the Bodyfurn® Lab Stool which can be easily stored underneath when students prefer to stand. Available in a range of heights and two seat options: standard or padded for extra comfort, the Bodyfurn® Lab Stool is equally at home in a junior classroom as it is in a senior STEM space. The Lab Stool is also available in the Gas Lift option for easy height adjustability.

The Bodyfurn® Tablet Arm is a useful accessory for the independent learner. Its ergonomic design creates a comfortable work surface and with plenty of room for note taking and laptop use, it’s the perfect solution when you’re short on space.

We have sold over half a million Bodyfurn® Sled Chairs and Lab Stools to classrooms all around the world. If you want to learn more about Bodyfurns’® positive impact, listen to why these Principals think Bodyfurn® works and what teachers say about the benefits of Bodyfurn® in the classroom.