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before we design, we listen.

Every school, classroom, teacher and student is different. Before we start any project we ask questions and listen intently to learn the individual needs of our clients.

It all starts with asking you the right questions

Each school is a unique environment, unique in its governance and leadership, its goals and its personalities. We’ve developed a distinctive approach starting with an early interview process, where a knowledgeable Furnware team interviews key people in each school. 

We’ve learned this interview phase is the most important part of the journey, asking the right questions and closely listening to the answers. It forms the basis of our recommendations.

Working with educators to understand how spaces will be used.

Some of the questions are designed to discover how educators teach, how they want students to learn, what the learning priorities are, which subjects are prioritised over others and how maker spaces are used.

We also look closely at each environment, the light and audio considerations ensuring everything is explored before starting to find solutions. The interview process is just the beginning. There are many challenges from this point, such as gaining buy in from school communities and collaborating with students and teachers. We have a true appreciation for this process and would be delighted to help. 

Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with schools to create innovative learning spaces for future-focused pedagogies which are creative, flexible and deliver to the unique character of the school.

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