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New beginnings with an exciting fresh approach to pedagogy.

‘Hammered’ is how Halswell Primary's Principal Bruce Topham describes the state of the school, a victim of the first of the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010.

A standing height whiteboard Kidney Table is a popular place for hands-on problem solving.

Entirely rebuilding the school offered a rare opportunity to create an exciting and vibrant modern school starting from a blank canvas. Before any architect was involved, Bruce and his team consulted with the community and spent time in other schools to learn what works and what improvements and changes they could implement in their new modern learning environment. The outcomes were extraordinary. 

Colourful and vibrant with plenty of seating options for students to choose from.

The building wasn’t the only thing that was improved. Once construction started, teachers began a series of professional development courses, focusing on teaching in a collaborative environment . Additionally they had access to trial flexible furniture from Furnware which helped them model their ideal spaces. 

“it was absolutely about getting the best furniture for the environment.”

Bruce Topham - Principal at Halswell Primary School

Mobile and multi-purpose. A Flip Table with a whiteboard surface is perfect to create a pop-up teaching space.

Today there stands a new contemporary modern learning environment. Halswell Primary School has created an exciting and vibrant place for students and teachers to enjoy which aligns with the schools’ purpose: ‘preparing for lifelong success by inspiring every child to: imagine, create, learn and believe’.


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