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redefining the joys of learning in a dynamic new space.

In 2012, Kowloon Junior School merged its two campuses onto one site. The desire was to create a new heart for the school, a space where everyone enjoyed a new energy and collaborative learning.

This was a major project and Kowloon Junior School wanted to turn traditional learning space on its head. It was determined to move away from spaces designed by adults, towards learning spaces that encouraged student participation in every way. Furnware worked hand in hand with the school to bring this to life. 

As plans progressed and the space was created, Dom Parry, Year Leader saw an exciting, accessible space developing. It was key for everyone involved that the learning spaces celebrated true collaboration, which in turn led to innovation and a thirst to learn.“This space is the heart of our school. It’s the physical manifestation of our philosophy,” said Dom. “It sets us apart from other schools and inspires us all to keep learning and innovating.”

Spaces with plenty of room to be creative.

Principal Mark Cripps agreed, noting the involvement and reaction of his students. “The real test of any school furniture is the response from students and staff and I can confidently say all feedback has been extremely positive – so much so that we have continued our close partnership with Furnware as our needs have grown.”

A few years on, students are deeply involved with design and creative projects, thriving in an environment that expands their horizons, giving them confidence to innovate and create.

This space is the heart of our school.

Dom Parry, Year Leader

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