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Here is everything that might be handy in your classroom or school that just doesn’t seem to fit into any of our other categories, so we have called them miscellaneous, or you might call them sundry…

Looking for the perfect storage trays? Our Furnware Tote Trays will help you get organised, declutter and add a POP of colour to your space. They slot into all our tote trolleys and storage solutions to enhance any flexible space. With six transparent colours to choose from, these tote trays are perfect to store and keep track of your teaching resources and students belongings.  

Creating terraced seating in the classroom, library or any other small space is easy with box seats. The Terrace Box Seating units are versatile and sturdy – ideal classroom furniture. Stack them up to three high in a variety of combinations and you’ll have a fun seating solution perfect for your space.

How does one quickly move chairs away? Easy…they grab a chair trolley!  Our Connect Chair Transporter Trolley is designed to transport the Connect Chair, the ideal seating solution for school halls, auditoriums or anywhere you require linked seating.  This chair trolley has been designed to ensure the chairs can be stacked and moved out of the way quickly and easily.

The stage is set for learning! Great for corners in classrooms, create a raised platform for presentations or a tiered quiet area for groups, the Stage Box can be moved easily with it's cut out handle grips. Available in 2 different sizes for creating stepping or for different age groups and heights.  

Hygiene bins are a must-have in schools and hospitals. A foot operated lift-up lid for hands-free disposal of waste, the hygienic and handy Ferdi Hygienic Bin comes with a bag holder and in two sizes.

Protect your furnishings and the people who use them with this specially designed furniture cleaner. Prolong the life of your school furniture by keeping it clean with the Furnware Power Cleaner.