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We never stop learning.

We're always hungry for new ideas and fresh ways of thinking.

Designing a STEM makerspace: it’s not rocket science.

Tips & practical advice for your STEM learning space.

What a future-focussed award-winning school looks like.

Former Principal Sandra Jenkins looked to the world for best practice when designing Freemans Bay School.

think big, use a whiteboard surface.

Six reasons you need whiteboard surfaces in your classroom.

design guided by pedagogical understanding.

Prince Alfred College supports their individual students needs.

environmental choice nz certification.

We care about your environment and our world.

we make it and stand by it. warranties at a glance.

Quality matters and our warranty assures it.

An inspiring STEM Centre in 3D

Explore every angle of Devonport Christian School’s amazing STEM centre in 3D.

the award-winning Bodyfurn School Chair.

Meet the award-winning school chair that changed the game.

new pedagogies called for a fresh approach to learning spaces.

Designs support hands-on learning at Whitiora School.

Libraries are transforming as education evolves.

Welcome to the new home of experience and discovery.

A story of collaborative learning and collective efficacy.

Flexible furniture provides student choice at Kellyville Public School.

Exciting new spaces support school’s commitment to learning.

St. Christopher's reaps rewards collaborating with architect.

kellyville public school students survey their Furnware furniture.

We give this presentation a 10 out of 10.

the storage dilemma; how to declutter your learning space.

Storage tips for your classroom that make a positive impact.

how the right design can inspire positive change.

Flexibility was driver of Singapore American Middle School's design.

new beginnings with an exciting fresh approach to pedagogy.

Halswell Primary School has rebuilt an exciting place to teach and learn.

Exciting design creates unique learning opportunities.

Room for Eltham College students to collaborate and interact.

colour in learning spaces

We love colour. But how do you best use it in a learning space?

collaboration, from vision to delivery.

Schools and learning environments are wonderful places.

before we design, we listen.

Every school, classroom, teacher and student is different.

five steps to creating a great learning environment.

Educators tips to make effective changes in the classroom.

help us shape the future of learning.

Research and kids sit at the heart of everything we create.

our customers, our best advocates.

We love to share our customer networks and their stories.

passionate about creating inspiring learning spaces.

It always starts with the kids.

a vibrant place to learn and teach.

Colourful with unconventional spaces - discover Ormiston.

expect quality standards from production to delivery.

Our furniture is built to last, you can take our word for it.

take a site tour and meet our dedicated team.

See how we design, make and deliver our quality products.

An innovative school with its eye on the future.

The Arbor School in Dubai is educating ecoliterate students.

designing learning spaces from the ground up

From an empty paddock to a brand-new primary school - Suzanne Aubert Catholic School Case Study

classroom desks and tables - everything you need to know.

Explore what table systems work and how to create a responsive classroom.

Newly up-dated classrooms support collaboration and creativity.

Australian International School have designed open classrooms that support active learning.

a dynamic approach to 21st century learning.

Flexible spaces fit modern learners at St. Andrew's.

see your vision in 3D.

Bring your ideas to life with our 3D Learning Spaces App.

top tips for designing learning spaces.

Insights and innovations - direct from the classroom to you.

a creative refresh gets everyone on board for new learning.

Explore Singapore American School's pirate-themed learning space.

dream design - a stem centre fuelled by fun

Devonport Christian School’s new STEM centre inspires creativity and collaboration.

how to create a learning environment for effective collaboration.

A place to construct, critique and collaborate.

Exciting new digi tech library is the heart of the school.

St. Therese's Primary School students love their new space.

How to make learning responsive – create a makerspace.

Rathkeale College takes a creative break from tradition.

From traditional to flexible: an exciting 10-year transformation.

Foundation Principal Mark Beach always had plans for Discovery College.

Made to order, fit for purpose.

Quality manufacturing takes time and care.

top 10 solutions for a successful STEM space

Furniture should allow for collaboration and innovation.

Challenge of school's growing roll creates opportunities.

Students have ownership over new space at Silverdale Primary.

A welcoming space for students to love.

Okaihau College's spaces encourage students inside.

flexible spaces designed with boys in mind.

Furniture promotes student movement at Ipswich Grammar.

Stunning fabric combinations give shared spaces a real WOW factor.

St. Augustine's contemporary space for senior students.

transforming a blank canvas into a popular learning hub.

Canadian International School's refurbishment success.

customers for life.

We believe in high standards and close connections.

Collaboration key to creating dynamic learning space.

Endeavour Primary School is 'learning without limits'.

a history snapshot

Furnware has been celebrating the wonder of learning for over 60 years.

helping you scope and manage a successful implementation.

We're here for you every step of the way.

redefining the joys of learning in a dynamic new space.

Kowloon Junior School merged two campuses onto one site.

reinventing the classroom to match modern learning.

Mt Sinai College redesigned its classrooms to favour tech.

our accreditations

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Innovative learning spaces champion a new style of teaching.

Diverse and stimulating, welcome to Shotover Primary School.

transitioning to team-teaching in Townsville.

Success took Cathedral School time, with student feedback.

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