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Versatile and available in a wide variety of easy-to-clean fabrics and vinyls, Soft Furnishings add comfort and a touch of contemporary style to any space. Our Soft Furnishings are designed to be flexible and come in a selection of styles designed for classrooms, libraries, common rooms or administrative/office areas.

We have an extensive range of Base Ottomans that can be partnered with a broad selection of our modular table solutions. Pair a Base Bench with a Round Table, pull a versatile Base Round Ottoman up to Clover Table and tuck it away underneath to allow for more classroom real estate. And if space is an issue and you are looking for a multi-purpose seating option, the Seating Tote Trolley has ample space to store plenty of bits and pieces from around the classroom.

Whether you spell it Bean Bag or Beanbag, this popular product is full of beans and is always a ‘go-to’ classroom favourite.  Fun, flexible and easy to move around, the Bean Bag comes in five styles and nine colours.

Our Soft Furnishings are also designed to fit both younger and older students. Products like the extremely popular Akiako Splat comes in 2 sizes to accommodate junior students in breakout areas and libraries and senior students for common rooms. For learners who love the floor, the colourful Cookie Pad provides comfortable seating while its close cousin the Picnic Pad means you can take learning into the great outdoors.

All our seating is designed to be flexible in classrooms, like the Base Booth Couch which with its high sides is perfect for quiet time, alone time, reading and reflection or when paired and put face to face, can become booth seating for collaborating and social engagement.

Soft Furnishings can be real statement pieces with items like the Pod Set or the Base Curve Couch and Base Mod Couch which, when grouped together, create fun and interesting shapes that are easily reconfigurable.

Whether you need seating for one or many, for a table or on the floor, we have a wide range of Soft Furnishing designs that can easily support your pedagogy and fit into your unique learning space.