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Project profile

Trinity College Roseworthy | Adelaide, Australia

With the intention of creating inspiring spaces in a new location of Roseworthy for the expansion of Trinity College, Heather Lockett reached out to Furnware representative, Sarah Smith, for a unique project where the majority of communications were done virtually. 

Trinity College’s love for flexible furniture, durable products, and end to end services has evolved into a long-term partnership with Furnware. As they continue to expand their locations and upgrade their current sites, Furnware continues to support them with their requirements. 

For this particular project, Sarah worked closely with Heather and the school’s architect to fit out seven general learning spaces from early learning to grade four, as well as a library and science room.

Over several months, one in-person walk through and multiple virtual meetings, they were able to design the space. On the in-person walkthrough, Sarah used Furnware’s 3D app to make on the spot changes that allowed Heather to visualise how the space could look. 

"Sarah's assistance was invaluable throughout the entire process. She offered numerous excellent ideas for maximising space usage, with a special highlight on her suggestions for optimising storage space."

Heather Lockett - Principal, Trinity College

In terms of furniture and look and feel, the school opted for greys, blues, greens, and timber-look finishes to tie in with the overall earthy tones of the school. The Paparoa Table was requested as they have seen the table in use and understand how they can use it as a tool for intensive learning purposes, specifically with the whiteboard tabletop. 

"We specifically requested the Paparoa table due to its proven effectiveness in facilitating interactive support for small groups within the classroom, based on our prior experience with it."

Heather Lockett - Principal, Trinity College Roseworthy

There are a few key components that the school required to align the spaces with the needs of the teachers and students. Sizing was extremely important to the school and was discussed in depth with all parties. They opted to go up in size for most products which allowed the grade four students to use the Switch Tables, great for flexibility and available in a range of shapes. Other key elements included storage solutions throughout the school as well as multi height seating in the library to cater for both students and staff. 


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