our award-winning Bodyfurn® system that changed the game.

In 2003 we realised there was an opportunity to investigate how learning could be improved. There was no meaningful data to show how the size and makeup of children had changed over the years. So we travelled across New Zealand and measured 20,000 children of all shapes and sizes. From this research project, our award-winning Bodyfurn® system was born.

Bodyfurn® is an innovative and ergonomically designed system that reflects the ways students of all sizes use school furniture, giving them the best chance to be comfortable, to concentrate and to learn well.

Aside from understanding that one size does not fit all, a fantastic feature of the Bodyfurn® chair is just how dynamic it is. With its independently pivoting seat and back, students can sit forward or lean back in comfort with no pressure points. Learn more about the science behind the system and how it works here.

The Bodyfurn® system works because it provides comfort for students. It’s that simple. The design supports students and keeps them on task. Hear principals talk about why the system works and the impact it has in the classroom.

Bodyfurn® continues to deliver significant benefits to schools around the world and the proof can be seen in the classrooms. We interviewed teachers to understand how Bodyfurn® affects teaching and learning in their spaces. Enjoy their insights here.

These results were supported by an independent study by Waikato University on the impact of Bodyfurn® in the classroom. This study showed a significant increase in concentration and a reduction in off-task behaviour.

While the Bodyfurn® design has attracted significant media interest and awards, including the Designer Institute of New Zealand’s Design Innovation Award in 2005, it was the approval from principals, teachers and students that really means the most to us. It shows that our own research, independent studies and the endorsements from educators and students have been a game changer. Bodyfurn® has set the benchmark for the way we continue to design and create our furniture.

Louie and Jackson show us how one size doesn't fit all.

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