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expect quality standards from production to delivery.

Our furniture is created from the best materials by a specialist team with years of experience. The same level of care is taken at every stage of production, right through to dispatch and delivery. We take the business of our business seriously, standing by what we make with an industry leading warranty. Our furniture is built to last, you can take our word for it.

You don’t get an award-winning product that’s been granted environmental accreditations without making it from the best materials and crafted by experts with a long history in the business. We are passionate about producing exceptional furniture that helps children to reach their full potential.

Dispatch take time and care to ensure you furniture is packaged securely for a safe delivery.

We quality check every product we make as it leaves us, and then again when it arrives in your classroom. In fact we take collective responsibility for ensuring your piece of furniture is fit for purpose and reaches you in peak matter where you are in the world.

We make it and we stand by it. Hand on heart. You know we mean what we say when you hear these words from the mouth of Furnware owner Hamish Whyte - it's all captured in this story below.

Furnware owner Hamish Whyte explains why he stands by everything his company makes.

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