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switch table system™


Complete modular magic for dynamic learning – one table system, multiple settings, easy to move and built to last.


With five interchangeable shapes and sizes you can go from individual, focused learning to paired, small and large group setting, all in the blink of an eye. Students love the ease of control, fitting tables together like pieces in a puzzle.

From small, single cell classrooms to large, open environments, Switch makes every space more relevant to the moment and the need, encouraging greater student involvement in the way they learn.


    • 18mm MDF top with durable Fog (grey) PVC edge
    • 32mm round silver star powder coated steel legs
    • controlled movement with front castors
    • three available heights
    • 600mm sides on all five tables for unlimited flexibility
    • supporting individual and collaborative learning
    • corner profile - designed for protecting hands when connecting tables
    • New Zealand Design Registration pending
      Australia Design Registration (201817075, 201814726, 201817078, 201814726, 201817079, 201814726, 201817070, 201814726, 201817073, 201814726)
    • Trade Mark registration pending

    The Switch Table System™:


low pressure laminate (LPL)

LPL is a colour board on a medium density fibreboard (MDF) substrate. LPL is suitable for classroom desks and tables, storage units, workstations and office furniture.

Colour options

Affinity Maple


Provence Blue

Silver Vapour



Olympia Yellow


Memphis Red

For a full selection of available colours please click here. To view samples of colour swatches please contact us.

Disclaimer. We do our best to ensure the colours displayed are accurate, however due to monitor variations actual colours may vary from what appears on screen.


This writeable surface affords educators and students creativity in their teaching and learning.

Colour options


Our Whiteboard performance varies widely depending on the brand and quality of whiteboard markers used. If your whiteboard is difficult to clean we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth or liquid whiteboard cleaner then rub with a clean dry cloth to bring back brightness.



  • switch1 table

    812mm wide x 613mm deep

  • switch2 table

    1496 mm wide x 746mm deep

  • switch3 table

    1795mm wide x 900mm deep

  • switch mini rectangle table

    750mm wide x 600mm deep

  • switch max rectangle table

    1500mm wide x 600mm deep


  • size 4


  • size 5


  • size 6


line drawing - switch1 table

line drawing - switch2 table

line drawing - switch3 table

line drawing - switch mini rectangle table

line drawing - switch max rectangle table

line drawing - switch1 table grouped



10 years

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