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whiteboard tables


A key teaching resource in today's classrooms, writeable surfaces can transform any Furnware table into a low-tech, high impact learning tool.


Whiteboard tables afford a number of practices to support your pedagogy including collaborative learning, group discussion and small teacher-led activities. These writeable surfaces boost student creativity, encourage visible thinking and with the write on - wipe off surface, are a low risk, high reward learning tool. Discover more about why teachers and students love whiteboards in our video here. 


    • available in all our standard shapes. 
    • whiteboard table benefits: collaboration, visible thinking worksurface, low risk/high reward, display and record

    Popular whiteboard tables:



This writeable surface affords educators and students creativity in their teaching and learning.

Colour options


Our Whiteboard performance varies widely depending on the brand and quality of whiteboard markers used. If your whiteboard is difficult to clean we recommend cleaning with a damp cloth or liquid whiteboard cleaner then rub with a clean dry cloth to bring back brightness.



10 years

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