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collaboration, from vision to delivery.

Schools and learning environments are wonderful places. They're full of discussion, debate, focus, celebration and creativity - sometimes all at once!

Furnware thinks carefully about creating solutions that support all these interactions and meet the expectations of different school communities. There's plenty to consider when thinking this challenge through. 

The story of the Google offices is well known: an amazing space where the architecture and interior come together to support the unique and diverse skill sets that Google needs to succeed. How do we achieve the same supportive result without the millions of research dollars that companies like Google have to spend? Schools deserve a customised solution - we're producing the next generation of Google employees after all!

We work closely with our schools to create learning environments that support their pedagogies.

Carefully considered collaboration is key to delivering solutions that work and we have a history of experience in helping schools with the conversations and decisions that need to happen. 

Our key strengths are our knowledgable people and commitment to listening. We work closely with our customers, drawing on their understanding of their own school's pedagogies, goals and communities, to form the basis of a furniture solution that will support the success of learners. 

To us, customer experience is everything. From the first time we meet through to the high standards of manufacturing, reliable delivery experience and after-delivery service, we work hard to exceed expectations. Our collaborative approach is the basis of long-term partnerships, helping create better learning outcomes for students everywhere. 

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