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  • What seat and table height would you suggest for specific ages?

    As noted above, we take several things into account, but generally for high school age students we recommend a seat height of 460mm (18 inches) with a 730mm high table, down to lowest seat height of 260mm (10 inches) with a 455mm high table for junior students. You may find our School Furniture Size Guide helpful. If you require assistance, please get in touch.

  • How can furniture support my teaching and learning?

    We’ve developed a unique consultancy to help you match your pedagogies with specific pieces and combinations of furniture. Furniture that’s not carefully selected can sometimes create barriers to learning. We’d love to talk to you more about this, so please get in touch with your local account manager to talk specifics for your school.

  • Do you have a price list?

    Because our customers are spread all over the world, we’ve found freight fluctuations can have quite an impact on pricing. Volumes can also impact on freight costs. Because of this, price lists showing furniture prices only can be deceiving. We’re happy to send you a quote, so if you contact our team with details of your enquiry we’ll get you a speedy and accurate price, including freight.

  • What standards do you manufacture to?  

    Our Bodyfurn® size 6 sled chair is tested by AFRDI against AUS/NZ standards. We’ve also been awarded the Eco Choice Aotearoa (formerly ECNZ) environmental certification for an extended range of our products including Bodyfurn®. Eco Choice Aotearoa is part of the global Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) network. 

    Furnware desks and tables are manufactured with E0 board as standard. E0 is the highest possible industry rating for Volatile Organic Compound emission levels, helping ensure the best air quality in learning spaces.

    We manufacture to a standard of +/- 5mm within our tables, desks, storage and display ranges, and +/- 10mm within our seating ranges.

    AFRDI - NZ/AUS standards
    Furnware Eco Choice Aoteroa
    Laminex Environmental Choice
    Laminex Melteca Standard Formaldehyde Emissions
    Bestwood Environmental Choice
    Bestwood Melamine Technical Data

  • What is your colour range?

    Our products come in a variety of colours and materials to add vibrancy and style to your learning space. Apply colour to your classroom through our flexible products and create a welcoming and inspiring environment for teaching and learning to happen. 

  • What Quality, Safety and Environment Standards does Furnware comply with?

    Furnware is part of the Resero portfolio of Brands. Resero Pty Ltd and Resero NZ Ltd (Resero) work with the community to "create spaces that lift everyone to achieve more". To this purpose, Resero design, manufacture and distribute seating, desking, storage and associated furniture to markets in Australia, New Zealand and Overseas in the Education, Hospitality, Healthcare and other markets.

    At Resero we ensure that all our products are designed, manufactured, purchased and distributed in a systematic way to set and meet consistently high expectations. All Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental considerations are constantly reviewed, addressed and improved by practising continuous improvement methodologies across the Value Stream from Design & Development to Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution. This approach ensures we meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

    Read our Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) Management Policy.

  • Will there be different height chairs and desks in each classroom?

    If that is what you choose to do then yes. Research clearly indicates that correctly sized chairs and desks provide superior levels of comfort and health benefits. However, if differing height chairs and desks do not fit with your classroom management practices, then one height will be fine.

  • Do I need an account to buy Furnware furniture?

    Anyone can purchase our products, with or without an account. Depending on which region you are located in, payment terms will vary. We would love to talk to you further about this so please contact one of our friendly customer services team.

  • What is the weight limit for Bodyfurn® chairs?

    The recommended upper limit for a Bodyfurn® senior sled chair is 120kg. 

  • Can you tell me about the plastics you use?

    We use plastics to make Bodyfurn® and Connect Chair seats and backs, as well as Furnware Tote Trays – all sourced locally in New Zealand. The plastics are polypropylene (PP), especially formulated to withstand the knocks of usual classroom demands. They also retain colour through UV stability. We recommend cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent, or Furnware Power Cleaner. 

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    We provide warranties for any material faults and/or manufacturing defects. Our panel, steel and plastics all hold a 10-year-warranty. Our vinyl and other fabric products hold a three-year-warranty, conditions apply. * For accurate information please check each product page or click here for The Furnware Promise pdf.

    *Our Warranty does not automatically apply to product defects or damage resulting from misuse, alteration or modification. 

  • Can Bodyfurn® products be recycled?

    Absolutely. Our Bodyfurn® chairs, desks and table systems can all be disassembled into their component parts and recycled. However they’re incredibly durable and we stand by their build quality. In many cases their life will go way beyond our 10 year warranty. We’re more than happy if you’d like to return parts to us for recycling, but you might like to consider donating older furniture to community groups or not for profit organisations. If you need spare parts at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • How do you keep whiteboards white?

    For a quick clean use a dry clean cloth, microfibre cloth or whiteboard eraser. Replace cloths on a regular basis as these build up pigment. If you’re finding it tricky to keep your whiteboard white, we recommend Furnware Power Cleaner or another quality liquid whiteboard cleaner. Any greasy buildup can be removed by using warm water with small amount of soap, then rinsing with clean water and drying with a soft cloth. Aviod household cleaners. If marks are persistent we’d suggest changing your brand of whiteboard pen. Whiteboard performance can vary hugely depending on the brand and quality of whiteboard markers you’re using. For further cleaning tips, see our our Cleaning Care Guide.

  • What about group work? Can different heights of furniture restrict types of activities?

    It’s worthwhile considering the activities and group size before investing in furniture of different sizes. For example group work can be conducted easily from differing height desks or tables. However when there are large sheets of paper that need to be shared amongst the group then differing height desks can be a challenge. Consider your teaching practice and activities before making any decisions around the furniture to support those activities.

  • Who should I contact if I have more questions?

    Please contact our customer services team - we’re always happy to help.

  • What laminates does Furnware use – and what are the care instructions?

    We source most of our range of high and low pressure laminates from Laminex NZ. All MDF wood used in their Melteca boards comes from New Zealand forests and has achieved FSC® certification*, ensuring the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Melteca is low in formaldehyde emission, especially on Lakepine MDF (E0).

    Furnware Power Cleaner is great for cleaning these surfaces, see our Cleaning Care Guide for more tips on how to keep your surfaces looking like new.

    *Starting from 31 August 2022, 'Fog' & 'Storm' under Melteca range don't have FSC certification.

  • Can I easily change the height of tables with adjustable legs?

    These tables can be adjusted with a standard hex key (commonly known as an Allen key) and will fit to specific heights of 525mm, 590mm, 660mm, 730mm and 760mm. It’s easy and quick.

  • What are Bodyfurn® products made from?

    We’ve created a Polypropylene recipe especially formulated to ensure our products stand up to the rigours of classroom life. This material also retains its colour through UV stability. Bodyfurn® chair frames are supported by high tensile steel, powder coated for extra protection.

  • Face to face is often best – would Furnware come to me?

    Wherever possible we’re delighted to visit, share our knowledge and help with furniture decisions. Where time or travel logistics make that tricky, we can easily set up video conferences. Using our proprietry 3D Learning Spaces App we can share classroom layouts with you and even take you on a virtual walkthrough of your new spaces. In person, over video or telephone, we’ll make sure you get personal help whenever you need it.

  • What can I expect on the day my furniture is delivered?

    We have long partnerships with the best furniture carriers in the business. On arrival, your furniture will be unpacked from the truck or container, carried carefully to your classrooms and placed according to your requirements. In many areas we’ll also clean it and remove all furniture protection.

  • How does the Bodyfurn® height system work

    We measured 20,000 students and studied their behaviour in class, looking for a practical way to assist their learning. We found much diversity in the make up of students based on factors such as ethnicity, gender and age. Our account managers are in schools every day and their experience and knowledge of the physical make up of students ensures they recommend chair and desk height solutions that are right for those using the space.

  • Will soft seating stand up to the demands of my classroom?

    The soft seating in our range is high quality and extremely durable. It’s manufactured using robust medium density fibreboard (MDF) framing, quality foam and well-tested fabrics. Any furniture can be damaged of course, but our soft seating range has been well tested in hundreds of schools around the world.

  • How do you select your fabrics – and any tips on cleaning?

    We use quality fabrics on all our furniture and recommend Warwick fabrics for many of our products. Even in classrooms with the most well behaved students, fabrics can still get stained - the trick is to deal with them quickly. You’ll find some great tips for cleaning fabrics on the Warwick website and in our Cleaning Care Guide.

  • What happens if my furniture gets damaged in transit?

    In the unlikely event your furniture is damaged when you receive it, please take a quick photo of the damage and email it to us. We’ll arrange for the piece to be urgently manufactured again and shipped to you as soon as possible - at no extra charge of course.

  • Is distance a problem? How far do you deliver?

    We’ve delivered to Kazan in Russia, Tripoli, the Yap Islands and everywhere else you can imagine. Our experienced team ensures distance is never a problem.

  • How long will it take to receive my order and how can I keep track of my delivery?

    Generally, from the time you place your order, you can calculate four weeks for manufacturing time - freight time is added onto that. Our team can let you know the average shipping time from our factory to your door. Transport and logistics is a key part of our business, so we’ll give you the delivery date when you place your order and keep you informed throughout.

  • How do I get my furniture delivered safely and on time?

    We have a highly experienced logistics team, so whether you’re in Singapore or Melbourne, Wellington, Wairoa or Hong Kong we’ll take care of everything. Simply give your address to one of our Furnware team and we’ll get things underway, looking after all customs requirements and logistics. We’ll keep you in touch along the way and do everything we can to ensure your furniture arrives safely and on time.

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