award-winning Bodyfurn®

We researched 20,000 students to design the ultimate school chair. We were determined to design a school chair that gave students the best chance to be comfortable and to concentrate longer.

Our extensive research led to a world first. Bodyfurn® was the only dynamic school chair specifically designed to move with students and help improve learning.

"If you gave the students a choice between Bodyfurn and a traditional chair, there's just no competition.

Neil O'Reilly - Principal at Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong.

The Bodyfurn® Sled Chair is helping students learn in comfort, in classrooms around the world.

Like all our design projects, our research started in the classroom. By measuring and observing students we saw that uncomfortable chairs created barriers to circulation which meant students moved and fidgeted. Bodyfurn® solved that by giving students the right support without restricting circulation, helping the heart, arteries, muscles and vital organs to function normally, with maximum ergonomic comfort.

"The children are a lot more focussed, they're on task longer and the quality of work is a lot higher."

Martin Genet - Principal at Peterhead School, New Zealand

Discover more of the benefits of Bodyfurn®.

The Arbor School in Dubai takes advantage of Bodyfurn's® hygienic storage options.

The health benefits of Bodyfurn® extend beyond ergonomic comfort for its user. The design also supports a healthy learning environment and Bodyfurn® can be placed securely on the table with the base clear of the surface for easy floor cleaning.

Ipswich Boys Grammar in QLD love the positive benefits to learning engagement Bodyfurn® brings.

Learn more about the research behind Bodyfurn® -


"the teachers found Bodyfurn significantly reduced the noise level".

John Chalvatzis - Head of year 8 at Ipswich Grammar School, QLD Australia

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