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Project profile

Brighton Grammar School | Melbourne, Australia

Brighton Grammar School is a prestigious boys’ school located in Brighton, Melbourne, for students from Early Learning to Year 12. The school has recently updated their furniture in the VCE Centre in the Hancock Wing. When updating the space, it needed to be reflective of the schools’ vision and values to develop and support their students on their journey. 

Furnware has been a proud supply partner of Brighton Grammar School since 2013, supporting them in many furniture upgrades across the Junior and Secondary School. Furnware representative, Samantha Stark collaborated with the Associate Head of the Crowther Centre, Curriculum and Assessment, Patrick Sanders, to design the space using Furnware’s 3D app and suggest furniture that she believed aligned with the school. 

“The consultation process for this project enabled us to design a great space to meet the needs of the students. Collaborating with Patrick meant I was able to be very thorough when finding furniture solutions. This led me to fulfilling the brief and providing them with learning spaces they required.”

Samantha Stark - Business Development Manager, Furnware

The brief from Patrick was to upgrade the existing Furnware furniture within the VCE Study Centre to best support student learning. For this project, the seating capacity was increased to accommodate several group study zones along with a dedicated quiet study room for students requiring the use of Study Nooks.
Both soft and hard seating were used in the design of the group study zones to give a range of options to the students based on their learning style. Patrick had highlighted that with the size of the senior students, the space on the Study Nooks was limited. They proposed having the 26 Study Nooks made in custom sizing, with additional width to accommodate their learning materials and resources. Samantha worked closely with the school to get the furniture sizing correct before placing their order.
Whilst Brighton Grammar has previously used Booth Sets in their dedicated VCE area, the directive was to upgrade to booth solutions that improved posture and have easier access to slide in and out of the booths. As a result, the Mo Booths were ordered with custom backs. The school opted to remove the whiteboard and tote storage shelves which were not required.
Upon delivery, Samantha was met with positive feedback from the students regarding their appreciation for the new furniture. They were particularly impressed with the posture support and access improvement that the Mo Booth sets provided. The students were equally happy with the increased depth of the Study Nook’s as they now had additional room for resources like tablets, other devices, and books. 
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