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Flexible spaces designed with boys in mind.

When it came to creating learning spaces that encourage engagement, Dean of Students John Chalvatzis knew they had to be flexible, colourful and comfortable.

In this video, Dean of Students John Chalvatzis shares his findings on the importance of creating engaging spaces for fidgeting boys.

Flexible furniture allows students to move around their space and sit where they're most comfortable.

The learning space design needed to allow the boys to move around and reconfigure the furniture in ways that each student individually likes to learn. “Boys learn through movement, it’s the way the male brain is wired compared to female brains", John explains, “so there’s a lot of science involved there."

"If the boys are comfortable and if they have the opportunity to be flexible in their learning spaces – you engage them to their studies."

John Chalvatzis – Dean of Students, Ipswich Grammar.

Teachers can move freely around the classroom as needed.

Ipswich Grammar is one of Queensland oldest and most respected boys’ schools, so bringing the school into the 21st Century required extensive research and stakeholder involvement. The transformation has elicited not only a positive response from leadership members and teachers, but 96% of students surveyed love the new rooms and 89% believe the spaces have helped improve their studies.


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