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a vibrant place to learn and teach.

Ormiston Primary is a new school in Auckland, New Zealand full of colour and unconventional, brave spaces. Furnware helped the school bring its innovative ideas to life.

In 2015, Ormiston Primary School opened its doors with the vision to “guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world-class learning.” The school's vibrant environment shows this vision runs deep through its design and furnishings.

Students gravitate to small nooks to collaborate in teams.

The school is a collection of colourful habitats with comfort and flexibility at the core of every space. 

“We needed the furniture to have multiple uses. It needed to be suitable for large numbers of children and adults working and learning together,” said Ormiston’s Leader of Learning, Heath McNeil.

Innovative learning spaces were always the goal for Heath and his team. They visited a number of schools in New Zealand and Australia, looking at leading educational architecture, before getting to work on their own buildings.

Mobile device tables for flexibility.

Furnware collaborated with Ormiston to develop its four unique learning habitats. Each space had its own purpose and the carefully chosen furniture reflected that. The result is a family of bold, inspiring spaces, easily adapted to the needs of the class or activity.

There is more agility needed in the furniture now than in previous generations and the furniture needed to have multiple uses.

Heath McNeil, Leader of Learning


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