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a creative refresh gets everyone on board for new learning.

Singapore American School's pirate-themed, flexible learning space - what is there not to love? No wonder this first-grade crew are swashbuckling their way through the curriculum.

Teacher, Sarah Absolom-Coole has taught at Singapore American School for 16 years. She’s felt incredibly lucky with her learning space and resources but was conscious the traditional student mindset of ‘this is my spot’, had given way to a new generation of learners adopting flexible learning styles. 

Mobile technology and ipads are key tools in this learning space.

Sarah’s vision was “to transform a traditional classroom into a truly amazing learning space to engage students daily.” It also had to keep pace with 21st century pedagogical practices and modern teaching tools such as tablets.

The pirate theme fitted the brief for a fun and inspiring environment. Bright furniture with an uncluttered, fresh approach to the room layout has seen great results. 

Lotus tables arranged around a central whiteboard table are perfect for Sarah to work with small groups in the middle and still see what’s going on with those working independently. The newly configured space means Sarah’s students can collaborate with different students depending on the learning dynamics, needs and purpose. There’s also less movement about the room. 

The final words go to Sarah: “I absolutely love my modern learning environment.”

My students are really engaged in their learning.

Sarah Absolom-Coole


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